HS01 Form

HS01 Form is the first discovered Hyper Star.


HS01 is similar to the Formula Star. Unlike the formula star, HS01 can also go backwards and cannot drop in acceleration.


HS01 Form is a star shaped similar to the Formula Star, but only has the oval alongside some streamers.

ARA Smash

HS01ARA Smash
HS01 Form is an unlockable character in ARA Smash Bros. It was confirmed on December 29, 2016. 

​Role in ARA: Stars and Gangs

HS01 plays a major role in the story. HS01 first attacks the kirbys, but then assists in the piece manhunt.


  • HS01 looks like the Hydra.
  • Kidsy128 inspired the addition of the eye on the current design of HS01.
  • HS01, HS04, and HS11 are the only hyper stars to not be "paired." 
  • HS01 was originally called HS01 Fourm, as Poyo Ride thought Formula Star was spelled Fourmula Star





Drawing HS01 (TARS Extras)02:13

Drawing HS01 (TARS Extras)

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